Heat pipe technologies for industrial applications

European researchers aim to recover more than 40% of waste heat streams in energy intensive industries. 

Will the simple technology of heat pipes be a cost effective and efficient way to receive this aim?

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Invention slashes energy costs by 40%


heat pipe technology

Heat pipe Technology

Heat pipes are at the core of the ETEKINA project, as they are an incredibly efficient tool to recover heat from one industrial process, allowing the recovered heat to be used in a different process.

thermal recovery

Thermal Recovery

Waste heat is unavoidable when products or hot air needs to cool down – especially in industries requiring high temperatures. The good news: the high amount of excessive heat offers industries great potential for increasing efficiency, reducing their energy input and saving costs.


Steel Industry

In recent years, the steel sector has faced new challenges due to global overcapacity, an increasing dependency on exports and an unprecedented wave of distortive trading practices.

Ceramic Industry

The European ceramic sector is highly concentrated: In 2014, Spanish and Italian producers together sold more than 78% of all ceramic wall and floor tiles in the EU.

Aluminium Industry

For primary aluminium producers, electricity costs represent between 22% and 29% of production costs. Across the world they pay very different electricity prices, depending on their region.

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